Why participate

Local BEST Group Madrid Carlos III is one of the local groups that build BEST network. Board of European Students of Technology aims to link students, universities and businesses. Since 2005, BEST Madrid Carlos III (formed only by engineering students) reaches by their events to thousands of students at School of Engineering in Carlos III University of Madrid. Among these events, are engineering competitions, discussion tourneys, hackathons, jobfairs and international training courses.

Why our events

The ultimate objective of BEST is strengthen relationships between vertices of the triangle formed by the University-Students-Businesses. For that, the three main objectives in our organization are:

Bring complementary education to students
Support and professional contact. Company connection.
Educational involvement


years of experience


active members


contributions with companies


Summer Courses organized so far


EBEC local rounds so far


Contributing with us, you could aim for the following services:

  • Introduce the company brand in the promotion materials
  • Social network broadcast of your business opportunities
  • "Career Newsletter" to the distribition list of BEST Madrid Carlos III
  • Lay out the statement of the competition
  • Participation as jury evaluating the decisions
  • Introduction of the company to the participants
  • Invitation to the closing ceremony
  • "Cocktail Networking" with participants and organicers.
  • Search for customized talent
  • Opportunity to perform talks, round tables or workshops
  • Opportunity to offer interviews to participants and organizers

Events calendar

IV Hackathon, apr. 2018

Summer Course, jul. 2018

Madrid Engineering Week, nov. 2018