EBEC Project

EBEC Project (European BEST Engineering Competition) is a competition set in Europe in which technology students test their knowledge, creativity and teamwork skills to solve a proposed problem.​​​

We find two different categories here: Team Design and Case Study.

In Team Design the participants must build a real prototype following given specifications and limited materials provided to them. At the end, the prototype has to fulfill a set of characteristics and overcome several tests. The evaluation will take into account the originality, realism, functionality, materials used, their cost, etc.

A​ Case Study consists in solving theoretically a typical problem from a real company, be it on the technological aspect, logistical, environmental…Feasibility and the idea development will be valued, as well as originality and innovation. All the solutions from the different teams will be presented to a jury who will decide which team is the winner.


The competition is composed by three rounds (local, national, final), where the winners of each round will advance directly to the next stage.

Local rounds

They are celebrated in almost 90 Europeans universities and each of them is organized by the local group of the participant university.

National/Regional rounds

The universities in which the local rounds take place gather forming National Groups (or Regional, in case there are not enough universities in one country and several of them have to group). The winners of the local rounds compete against each other in this stage.

Final round

The winners of the National/Regional Rounds pass automatically to the final round (EBEC Final) representing their countries in the biggest engineering competition in Europe, aiming to prove themselves as the best team, for which they don’t necessarily need to have more knowledge, but a balanced combination of the skills mentioned: teamwork, negotiation, strategic planification, sustainable management of the project…

EBEC Final

EBEC Final is considered to be the biggest and most far-reaching project of BEST organization on European level, in which more than 6000 students start participating in the different local rounds, where they will have the chance to develop soft skills in the cultural field, communication, presentation, teamwork and practicing English, aside from creating ties with students from different countries and careers. A formation beyond what they have learned in the classroom through this unique opportunity.

Each year the Final is celebrated in one of the participant universities, having taken place in Ghent (2009), Cluj-Napoca (2010), Istanbul (2011), Zagreb (2012), Warsaw (2013), Riga (2014), Porto (2015), Belgrade (2016), Brno (2017). This year it will be located in Turin (Italy).

In this event, besides all the facilities needed to carry out this competition, the participants will enjoy several socio-cultural activities to further increase the experience provided. 

EBEC Madrid Carlos III

Once again, Universidad Carlos III will be one of the 83 universities participating in the local rounds that form the base of the EBEC project pyramid. This way and by tenth consecutive year, students from all the degrees in Leganes campus will compete in one of the categories: Team Design or Case Study.

EBEC Madrid Carlos III will take place at Leganes campus (Superior Polytechnic School) in three days: one for team Design, one for Case Study and the last for the closing ceremony and the announcement of the winners.

The winning teams of both categories will pass to the second stage of the competition: EBEC Spain (national round) with all the expenses covered (transport, lodging, food…).